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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your home is one of the largest investments and if whether you are buying or selling your home you will want to know the condition of the property. The licensed home inspector will review the systems in the home to determine which have potential safety and health hazards and areas that may require repair or maintenance so there will be no unexpected issues at the time of closing.

This varies by area, square footage, and complexity of the dwelling and by what services are required to complete.

The typical Home inspection (around ~2,000 sq/ft) takes about 2-3 hours and includes reviews of the following systems:

Roofing, Flashing, Siding, Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air conditioning, Exterior surfaces, Insulation, Windows. Please contact us for specifics on your property.

A1 Property Inspection accepts checks/cash at time of inspection unless specific arrangements are made in advance. When scheduling your inspection you will be advised of the cost of the inspection prior to performing all work.

The purchaser will receive a report with all the major systems documenting any issues that need to be addressed. This report is accessible the same day as the inspection in PDF format delivered to you and real estate agent if applicable. The purchaser can use this report to make decisions regarding the property in question. A1 Property Inspection home inspectors are licensed by the State of Indiana - Professional Licensing #HI01300089.

The state has setup guidelines and has a specific course and body of knowledge that all Home inspectors must pass. Our inspectors are continuously taking and education to keep their license active and aware of the current requirements for homeowners.

Who would hire the inspector?

Individuals who are looking to sell their home should hire an inspector to insure that existing systems are in good working order. Having an inspection upfront will strengthen your hand in negotiating the final price selling their home and alleviate any surprises in contingency price negotiations.

Individuals looking to purchase a new home should bring in an inspector during their contingency period to determine condition of the home's major systems. This information will aid in the decision to purchase the home and/or provide data for final price negotiations.

Banks and insurance companies would hire inspectors to insure that systems are in good condition.

Realtors who want to make sure the property being sold does not have any significant issues.

What Does the Typical home inspection include?

The inspection cost is less than the cost to repair most of the major systems. A1 Property Inspection is contracted to work on behalf of the individual(s) who hired them to do the inspection. We will work as your advocate to provide you with a review of the structure and its systems.

In the typical home inspection the major systems of the home will be reviewed, the categories are:

  • Roofing
  • Foundation / Structure
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical systems
  • HVAC systems - Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Grounds
  • Interior surfaces
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Land grade/ponding or pitch / Drainage
  • Insulation
  • Basements / Crawl spaces
  • Attic
  • Garages - Attached and Detached
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Making A Difference​

Our company was founded in 2013 by Michael & Janet Metrakos. Michael is a native Northwest Indiana resident with a desire to help others and has always wanted to operate his own company. From 1996 through 2001 Michael and Janet have built three residential homes together. Being a home inspector is a perfect fit as Michael enjoys helping others while also being an entrepreneur at heart. Janet keeps the communication channels open with our clients starting from the initial call from clients, etc. to schedule the final inspection.

A1 Property Inspections originally started in fall 2013 as AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service which is currently a franchise brand of ServiceMaster. In the fall of 2018, our company departed from the franchised inspection industry and converted a brand new local company. Our name is A1 Property Inspections of Greater NW Indiana.

Since 2013 the company has inspected thousands of single-family homes, condos, townhomes, duplexes, multi-family residences, and light commercial structures.

We treat each client individually and perform our inspections as if we were inspecting the property for a family member.

Since entering the NW Indiana market in 2013, we are the "thorough" inspection company and proud of our reputation throughout the years.

  • Experience

    Nine years of home inspection experience

  • Training

    Always training and improving our expertise.

  • Informative

    Detailed reports and we answer questions throughout the inspection with you.

  • Membership

    We are proud of all the inspection certifications we have to prove our expertise to you.

  • Same Day Results

    We pride ourselves in providing you the results on the same day of the inspection.

  • Schedule

    We work to meet your unique scheduling needs.